Saturday, July 30, 2011

what a surprise

We have a new car!

and sold the other one...reason being, I got pregnant....again. You might ask why I didn't ever really announce it, well is it really that big of a surprise, it had just become a regular thing that I really didn't see the need!


Just some cute pictures of the girls!

The girls meeting their great great uncle Eddie!

My great Uncle Eddie has been aroung a long long time. So when he wasn't doing so good I decided I needed to take a trip with my family so he could meet everyone. My dad drives to the truckstop in Wilcox every Friday to meet him for lunch, and make sure he is still doing ok. He lives alone and is getting to that point where he needed someone to help him out a little. He would never admit it though. My parents knew the day was coming soon when he would be moving in for the rest of his life. I jumped in the car with them one Friday and took the girls. Even though they wouldn't remember that, it was still important to me. So off we went to the good ole truck stop to meet up with him. You always can tell which car on the highway is him because it seems everyone is slamming on the brakes and honking. He couldn't see well anymore but was very with it still. He is such a neat man. He loved the girls. Not long after this trip he decided it was time to move in with my parents. He died the begining of April, one week short of his 93rd birthday! What a great guy he was, we love him very much. A few weeks before he died my whole family was able to go have lunch with him. It was pretty special. He loved it! Then he lived a week once he moved and was around the girls everyday at my parents and really had a fun time with them and all of the kids. It was nice getting to know a little more everyday for that week before he passed. He was a really neat guy and I am so happy that I knew him as well as I did.

Time to catch up for the year!

I am a terrible blogger, if you have not been able to tell. I have made a goal, do a post once a week, for journal reasons. I do not keep a journal so this will have to do it. There are so many things that have happend. It is all out of order, just trying to think of everything so randomly.

We went and stayed at the Daley Cabin on Mount Graham, we love going up there and stayed for a few nights when Grace was two weeks old. It was a blast, after all of the snow they had the porch caved in so Tom had to work up there anyway, and brought the whole family. It is a good thing because I talked Tom into building a little gate for the porch so that we could keep Annie locked up on the porch, and not worry about the stairs. It looks awesome, and works really good too! He can be so handy!

... she really likes that we had oreo's up there. Look at that messy kid! We don't care while we are camping!

While we were there we went on walks everyday, we would walk down to the Pursely cabin and swing on their rope swing! Annie absolutely loved it.

.... and it was great to get them to fall asleep for a nap.

The Pursley's swing is so cool, Central ward used to always go and do things at their cabin and the swing was my favorite part. It swings over a small canyon and is just really neat. Melanie, Bryan, and Olivia came up at night and played games with us after dinner, it was so much fun. Olivia got car sick on the way up the mountain and threw up everywhere, so Annie and Olivia had a bath for the night together and loved it! After we played games and pigged out all night they left. To keep busy while Tom was working on the porch, Annie and I cleaned the cabin, we washed windows, vacumed, dusted, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom down. It was nice and clean when we left. It was a lot of fun also. Grace slept most of the time, she still hasn't woken up to the world much. Bear slept under the porch at night, I was afraid a real Bear would get to him, so we would lock him under the porch. He had a lot of fun exploring while we were there.

.... I do not know how to turn this, but it is our dog, he is much bigger now. Meet Bear!

Next on my list is our family reunions/ Grace's blessing day! Every year, well for the past couple years, we have went on a family reunion with my family, up to Alpine, and the Daley's started last year, the same time we were with my family so we just hopped from mine to their's after a few days. My family camps, not only camps, but camps in style! It is really nice, my dad turns the back of the horse trailer into a big shower, so we can have a hot shower everyday, he uses a big weed spraying tank (never been used for weeds) and puts a shower head on it, hooks it up to the car battery of his truck and wala you have hot water!

.. our dishwashing spot, unfortunately we still have to do them! My brother flips on his generator so we can still do our hair and have power for things like an ice cream maker for homemade ice cream! Erin and Melanie made a bathroom with a back wall so no one at camp could see you, and my dad has one of those toilet chairs from his medical supply, so you really feel like your sitting on the toilet! Except for burrying everything, and the cold draft when you sit....but it sure is nice not having to squat! We have 2 huge canvas wall tents, that we hook together in the middle. One for sleeping in and one for the kitchen. Then whoever has a tent of their own brings it for their family. We always sleep in the back part of the kitchen one, because we always have a newborn baby, and its warmer for the baby! There was a creek not to far from camp and we would crawdad fish, then a big hill behind us to hike. We play games go on hikes and just visit around the fire. It is my favorite time of the summer.

.. Bear hoping that someone will drop something while cooking!

Papa and Annie sharing their favorite treat!

Our plans were to bless Grace at the Daley's cabin in Alpine. So once we hopped over thats just what we did. My family met us over there and we blessed her in the mountains, it was really nice. Then we ate bbq sandwiches. It was good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

growing fast

Annie Rose is now 27 lbs and like 32inches tall. Her vocabulary is constantly getting bigger. She is saying what, when we call her name. Ouch, to everything right now, She said Annie a few times the other day. She says thank you now, its really sweet. And she says NO. Which isn't so sweet all the time.She is loving on her sister all the time and is always helping me out. She is the best little girl, i just love her. Grace is now 8lbs 9 oz. she is 21 inches long and is finally starting to chunk up a little. She is a good baby, she sleeps alot still and is pretty colicee when she is awake but is really sweet. Every once in a while she coo's and grins big while she is looking around. she likes when annie talks to her and gives her kisses. time is really flying by and i don't like it very much. she is already 7 weeks old on friday. and annie will be 16 months tomorro. i feel like i really missed out on the new born stage with grace.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer fun with Olivia

This summer I bought Annie a little pool to play in the yard. Olivia comes over sometimes and swims too. They have too much fun swimming and it is alot of fun watching them.

Grace is here!

Meet Grace Elaine Daley!

Grace came on Friday morning at 10:28. She weighed 7 lbs and 7 oz. She was 18 1/2 inches long, and as sweet as can be! She sleeps all day and most the night right now. She is very healthy and cute. We love her very much. Annie likes her too. She has gotten much better with her and is more ok with me holding her. She still has her jealous moments but she is still a baby too.